Kick N Fit Karate Goes The Extra Mile In Support of TAC Seminars

Kick N Fit Karate Certified Studio Owner Regina Anguiano Kyo Sa of Enid Oklahoma TRIPLED her student participation in the Oct 19-21 TAC Seminars in Region 6 by going the extra mile… literally.

The Region 6 TAC Seminars were being held 2 hours from her studio in Pryor Oklahoma and TAC Member Lisa Kozak Sa Bom Nim from Region 5 was scheduled to fly in and present some amazing seminars.

In addition TAC Member Kris Poole Sa Bom Nim and Gene Riggs Regional Examiner from Texas plus Bill Hockman Regional Examiner from Oklahoma were also scheduled to teach.  It was a GREAT weekend of training for all who would be in attendance.

However, when we were speaking about another matter less than two weeks from the event date and even with all this excitement awaiting students, she reported that only 4 or 5 students had expressed their intent to attend.

She conveyed that a majority of her students were committed to participate in Soccer activities that same weekend and thus few were able to attend the TAC event.

We discussed a few ideas and talked a bit about her students who were NOT involved in soccer and who might really enjoy attending. She resolved to revisit the value of this opportunity with parents and students who were NOT involved in soccer and make sure they understood the unique experience that was available to them Oct 19-21 in Pryor Oklahoma.

Kyo Sa Anaguiano went the extra mile for her students

Ultimately, Kyo Sa Nim Anguiano’s extra effort paid great dividends for many of her students because she arranged transportation to the TAC Seminars which made it possible for a number of students to attend whose parents could not have brought them to the event.

As it turned out the group journey was a very enjoyable part of the overall experience and she TRIPLED the number of her students who were filled with energy and enthusiasm which of course had a positive impact on her studio and helped Region 6 EXCEED its 2012 fundraising goal!

To quote her, “…for some students, it literally was their dream to go and train with the masters.”

Congratulations to all!

R6 TAC Seminar 2012-10-19 Pryor Oklahoma

Kick N Fit Karate Students from Enid OK who attended the Oct 19-21 TAC Seminars in Pryor Oklahoma. L-R, Back row: L. Anguiano, KSN, R. Anguiano, KSN, Lisa Kozak SBN, Nicholas Holden, Alan Duran, Mattie Townsend (SBN Hockman’s student) L-R Front Row: Alexis Annis, Daniel Lopez, Kayla Herald, Diego Gonzalez, Melvin Vargas, Raymond Gonzalez, Brandon De La Torre, Denisse Vargas, Natalia Nieto, Roque De La Torre, Carlos Lopez, Vincent Vandiver

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